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1. How is your takeout packed?

- We pack our soup takeouts with the noodles on the side to reduce potential sogginess and some of the meat in the broth. Most of the time, if you cannot see all your meat in the box; it's most likely in the soup container.


2. Are there extra charges?

 - All requests, substitutions, extra sauces or sides, etc. are subject to extra charge. Be sure to ask your server for more details.

3. Why doesn't your phone work sometimes?

- Sometimes, our staff cannot accommodate for phone orders on busier nights (example: Friday or Saturday nights). We could also be backed up on orders and takeout wait time could end up being 45 mins to an hour. Take your for understanding.

4. Do you take reservations?

- We can take reservations for parties up to 7 or more.

5. Are the dishes gluten-free?

- We cannot guarantee all our dishes are gluten-free. A lot of them use rice noodles that we cannot be sure of the ingredients used. Be sure to ask your server for more details. 

6. Is there a service charge?

Yes, there is a service charge of 18% for parties 7 or more.

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